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About Bite on Mondo

Bite on Mondo is a unique adult animated comedy shorts program concocted by Bite and Mondo – Two of the funniest comedy brands known to man and bearded animals. Bite on Mondo is tasked with producing a whopping 236 short form episodes (avg. 3 mins per episode) based on pitches from Canada’s creative community.

40-50 of the short form episodes will be commissioned as pilots and tested on Mondo Media’s YouTube channel, which features the Internet’s best-animated content for teens and young adults, boasting over 2 million subscribers and 2 billion views. The pilots that test well will graduate into a short form series that will air on Mondo and make up the balance of the slate.

Upon completion of the slate, the package of shorts will be compiled into 26 half hours that will air on Bite TV in Canada.

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biTe | Mondo

We also recommend watching
some of our series, which will give
you a rough idea of the types of
shows that we're looking for